How to reach insurance buyers in the Digital Age

Insurance is a must-have in order to protect the financial security. Your customers know this well. They know that buying an insurance will be essential to secure their families, assets, and businesses but they do not enjoy the process of researching about it, undergoing the process of buying it and then keeping up with the servicing of their insurance protection.

In short, the hassles aren’t welcome even though insurance is!

Experienced companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are leading the game when it comes to reaching their customers by engaging with them through digital media. It has been proven that in today’s time, almost everyone uses social media and insurance advisors are also being asked to follow the trend by posting about their insurance policy on social media.

Know Your Target Market

Insurance advisors may also feel that they are not able to connect with as many insurance buyers as they do generally by adopting traditional ways. If you as an insurance advisor or your company is trying to sell an insurance cover through digital media, the answer for you would be that you have to know your target market and where they are, what their interests are and what triggers their buying decision.

For you to reach your target market, you must know what is important to them and what holds value for them. Creating a list of some possible target audience can be simple, such as women who are looking for retirement options. Knowing who your target is will help you come up with a more specific message that will help you connect better with them.

Reach Your Target Market


When you are clear about who you want to reach out to, where they are and what they think is important, it will be much easier for you to reach them. Where are they? Facebook? So you need to be there. If they prefer reading articles, provide them with it on your company blog. Create specific newsletters adapted to your target audiences’ needs. It depends on you how you establish your way of communicating with your target audience through digital marketing means.

There is competition in every field and you can up your game but this takes some work. To create a custom message to educate your target insurance buyers that you have an insurance policy suitable for them takes efforts. It’s not as easy as putting up a “Sale!” sign.


How Modern Customers Buy Insurance

 Buyers have more options than they have ever had and to get the best option to fulfill their needs, they use technology. In today’s time even if you are getting customers in a traditional way, you still cannot say no to digital. People will try to look for those who will fulfill their needs through Google, Facebook and various other digital means and that is where they can get to know about you. It is of crucial importance for you to note that you must come up in client’s search or your presence must show up while the client is even idly browsing through the net or scrolling through his or her social media page. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you are a follower of the traditional approach to sales, you simply cannot ignore the digital dominance anymore.

Previously, the process of getting an insurance mostly relied on the salespeople but now, the buyer is in control of everything.

It’s a buyer’s market now.

Over the years, digital means have changed the journey of receiving claims which have proven to be beneficial for insurance companies. For example:

What Influences an Insurance Buyer’s Decision?

Now that you know all about your target market and the means you can use to reach them, it is important for you to understand the fact that although your digital marketing strategies must be fool-proof and perfect to get you insurance buyers, it is not the only factor that influences your customers to buy from you. Various other factors contribute to the buyer’s decision-making process, which is as follows:

  1. Purchasing Power: The purchasing power of your customer plays an integral role in influencing his/her behavior. Your customers analyze their capacity to purchase before deciding to buy any product or service. Although the product is remarkably good, the sales of it will be highly affected if it does not meet your buyer’s purchasing ability. Therefore, sorting your consumers’ list according to their purchasing ability will help you in finding customers who are eligible for certain insurance policies.
  2. Group influence: Your customers are prone to get influenced by the circle closest to them including family members, relatives and a secondary group of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Their viewpoints and reviews will affect your customer’s buying decision.
  3. Economic Conditions: A customer’s buying decision is greatly influenced by the economic situation of the market. This matters a lot when people are purchasing vehicles, houses or anywhere that they are investing in.


So in short, you must be aware of the fact that consumers are constantly using digital sources to find services, which does not necessarily result in a direct or immediate sale. What is important is that you have to reach your buyers in this digital age and be available wherever they are (online) and understand the fact that a social media post may not sell insurance for sure but it may that one factor that made the buyer come to you. Make sure you also have the right means for the interested customer to connect with you online.

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