TPD Insurance


Provide options to maintain a better standard of living if you are permanently disabled.

TPD stands for Total and Permanent Disability cover which caters to one’s financial needs in the event of a disability on which he or she is unlikely to recover. This cover can be bought alongside a Life Insurance Policy or can be taken as a ‘Standalone’ policy.

There are various types of cover including double TPD, TPD Plus, and TPD Platinum.

Key Features

  • Choice of cover options – let you select a cover type best suits your occupation.
  • Choice to receive claim as a lump sum or in installments
  • Extra three additional benefits option to your TPD cover
  • Accidental TPD allowance
  • Universal TPD allowance
  • 24 hour Worldwide cover
  • Premium freeze, benefit indexation, and financial planning reimbursement benefits included
  • Special TPD booster benefit (increase in amount, 5% after 2nd, 7.5% after 3rd and 10% after 5th policy anniversary)
  • TPD Advancement allowance in the case of partial loss
  • Own Occupation benefits as opposed to any


Expenses allowance list

  1. Cost of medical bills and long-term care.
  2. Pay for essential Equipment required to the disable person
  3. Make home modifications or pay for rehabilitation
  4. Mortgage, rent and other ongoing debts (if any)
  5. Meet ongoing household expenses
  6. Payments related to children’s education



  • Keep you financially stable in the difficult period of life
  • Help you family to maintain their current lifestyle in the absence of your income
  • Allows you extra benefits periodically



  1. Working people (Employed)
  2. Home-makers
  3. Business owners
  4. People with debts and dependents