About us - FAQ

What does financial planner require while providing advice?

He might ask your complete financial details which includes debt level, your income, your expenses, commitments etc. Your provided information will assist him to identify your goals and financial issues thus he will prepare your financial plan accordingly.

What will my financial plan statement contain?

As this statement is specially prepared for your comfort. It will include advice on policies
and its related information. Apart from that how they get paid info will also be there.

How much does financial planning advice cost?

It totally depends upon your situation and level of service any adviser provides you. There is no set fee for this process. Moreover, an adviser is responsible to present you statement of advice during process comprises of complete details of fees and charges.

How do I review the premium of policy?

Risk wisdom arrange meeting with the head adviser once in a year. Where you can discuss all your problems and get solution instantly.

Are you authorized to provide advice on the amount of cover I should have?

Yes. We have qualified insurance advisers who specialize in life insurance.

Will my family receive the insurance amount immediately after my death?

Usually the proceeds of the insurance policy are made available to the nominee after all the relevant paperwork has been done.

Do I need life insurance?

If you have dependents and financial responsibilities towards them, then you certainly need insurance. Imagine what would happen if you were to lose your life suddenly or become disabled and cannot earn. Being insured in a situation like this is a necessity.