Key Man Insurance

To overcome the challenging conditions in business on the loss of key personnel.

To overcome the challenging conditions in business, we have key man insurance or Share purchase insurance for you. It is applicable for any type of business, small, medium or large. The beneficiary in this policy will be the business or employer. Under this policy, your organization will never go downside. On the loss of key personnel like managers, executive director or any person who hold policy, we provide claim to survive your business and face the difficult time with ease.

Key features

  • Maintain the financial stability of the enterprise.
  • Optional covers – Loss of revenue, Buy/sell insurance and Protection of the capital.
  • Help the company with targeted goals and profits.
  • Save you and your family from financial crisis.

Expenses Allowance list

  1. For hiring new employees in place of old ones for company’s benefit.
  2. To look after the company finances – loans, bills etc.
  3. For buying new shares.


  • Small Business
  • Giant Business
  • Employee
  • Employer