Trauma Insurance

Let you make the most of life though you have a serious illness and heartbroken.

Trauma insurance is the best policy to secure your family from financial and emotional struggle if you suffer from one of the defined critical illness events. The list includes 42 critical medical ailments and provide minimum of $ 50,000 payments if the policy holder suffers from any of the listed disease. It’s an undeniable fact that when a person is diagnosed with a serious disease, the only worry he/she have is paying the bills and daily expenses of the family. It’s better to plan and be ready for any such situation.

Key Features

  • Provides immediate financial relief
  • Replacement income provision if the insured want to take off from work
  • Guaranteed future insurability without providing any further evidence of health.
  • Protect you against 42 trauma conditions including threatening heart attack and cancer.
  • Provision of three additional benefits – Accidental death, extended needle stick and terminal illness.
  • Three optional cover types – Trauma Platinum, Plus and Standard
  • Maximum sum insured is $ 2,000,000
  • Financial planning reimbursement benefits included in this cover
  • Four extra cost options including Trauma reinstatement option, double trauma, business increase and premium waiver option.

Expenses allowance list

This list will vary according to the Trauma cover type you have selected. Various medical ailments supported by this policy are:

  1. Cancer of any body system
  2. Heart and artery related disease
  3. Brain and nerves related illness
  4. Chronic lung disease
  5. Chronic kidney failure
  6. Total aphasia
  7. Eyes related illness
  8. Kidney failure
  9. Musculoskeletal disease
  10. Chronic liver disease
  11. Diabetes complications

(For details contact our advisor or counsellor)


  • Let you pay of your outstanding debts when you are not able to work.
  • Keep you independent at the worse time.
  • Let you maintain your life standards till your recovery.


  1. Stepped premium, entry age 15-65 years.
  2. Level premium, entry age 15-60 years.
  1. Business owners.
  2. Home-makers.
  3. People with dependent families.