Life Insurance

Secure your family’s future and provide them options when you no longer available to support.

Life insurance is also known as Life cover or death cover. It is a way of protecting the lifestyle of your loved ones in your absence. This cover will keep you and your partner ready to face any mishap in life and provide complete peace of mind. Your family member will get a round amount for the expenses related to your treatment, mortgage and even for your ongoing living expenses. You can select the type of premiums according your comfort or it may vary according to the amount you choose.

Key Features

  • Terminal illness and accidental injury cover, with access to an advanced death benefit.
  • A lump sum payment if you die.
  • Two superb packages – Super and Non- Super.
  • Immediate expenses on the death of insured person.
  • Cover automatically increases by 5% each year.
  • Choose to freeze your stepped premiums if you’re 30 or over
  • Apply for additional cover when certain events occur without further medical evidence
  • Minimum $50,000 sum insured

Expenses allowance list

  1. Terminal illness such as Cancer, heart disease, Trauma and more
  2. After death allowances to family members
  3. Miscellaneous medical expenses
  4. Orphan benefit of additional $10,000 in case where insured and spouse suffer an accidental death.
  5. Funds to clear outstanding debt.


  • Keeps you financially stable during difficult time of your life
  • Provides business safeguard options
  • Premium relaxation if you suffer a total and permanent disability or become retrenched.
  • Take care of the future needs of your children
  • Ensures Quality life to your family after you


  1. Minimum 15 to max 70 age for stepped premiums
  2. Minimum 15 to max 60 age for level premiums