Income Insurance

Ensure you with an income to assist comfortable life if an injury stops you from work.

To meet your financial commitments at time when you not able to work, we have amazingly beneficial cover called income insurance. This cover will keep your financial life on track by providing monthly benefits. The insured person is eligible to get this benefit if he/she is unable to work due to an accident or illness or if any other disability occurs.

It can pay a proportion of your salary for a while if you’re temporarily unable to work due to sickness or injury. Income security is a matter of necessity that secure yours as well as your loved one’s financial future. The duration of receiving monthly benefits will be varying according to the policy terms.

Key Features

  • Assistance from the financial advisor in selecting the insurance cover
  • Variety of plan options – disability income standard, income plus and income super-only
  • Indemnity, agreed value and endorsed agreed value benefit type
  • 2 years and 5 years benefit periods option
  • Less waiting period or optional waiting period.
  • Monthly benefits for the totally disabled person
  • Partial disability benefit – in this case some part of salary will be payable if insured person is still earning some income
  • Specific injury benefit – monthly benefit to the insured person if one of the injury left even if he/she returned to work.

Expenses Allowance list

  1. Everyday living expenses.
  2. Ongoing installments.
  3. Rehabilitation cost or medical bills.


  • Peace of mind or keep you ready for any situation.
  • Secure financial future.
  • Monthly benefit of up to 75% of your regular income.
  • Let you tackle the hard time conveniently.


  1. Minimum age to opt this policy is 17 years
  2. Maximum age is 70 years
  3. Working person