Welcome to Risk Wisdom!

Risk Wisdom consists of independent financial risk advisors, who specialise in providing financial risk analysis, advice and solutions in the field of Income Protection, Life Insurance, Critical illness/ Disability Covers & Key Man/Share Purchase Insurance. The main focus of our company is to build long-term business relationships with our clients.


Secure your family’s future and provide them options when you no longer available to support.

Income Protection

Ensure you with an income to assist comfortable life if an injury stops you from work.


Provide options to maintain better standard of living if you are permanently disabled.

Trauma Insurance

Let you make the most of life though you have a serious illness and heartbroken.

Business Insurance

Protects your business when you suffer any injury to support other dependents of it.

Key man Insurance

To overcome the challenging conditions in business on the loss of key personnel .

How we help

Our staff is answerable to your all queries. There are no limitations on question, you can ask anything to clear all doubts. We don’t want to start something what you don’t understand.
We are independent financial risk advisors who specialize in providing financial risk analysis, advice and solutions on various aspects of life.
Our products are designed after vigorous research to help clients in identifying key issues and avoiding expensive mistakes in future.
We offer a fresh approach to personal risk insurance claims by providing personalized in-house claims support to assist in receiving payments on time.

Powerful and effective cooperation lasting for years...

  • support and persistence

    Thanks for all your support and persistence in getting me a policy. It was truly pleasure to hear answer to my all questions instantly. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me from the documentations to the deep knowledge about the premiums and my benefits. I will always appreciate…

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  • grateful for the assistance

    ‘’Risk wisdom – I am very grateful for the assistance, services and attention you have paid for the issuance and underwriting all the policies I have. I never get this kind of attention and advice from my previous insurance provider. Thanks for your guidance and always work like this. Good…

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  • best in class services

    ‘’I would love to thank Risk wisdom team for the best in class services. They interact in a very positive way and pay personal attention to every case. You can’t go wrong with this amazing insurance provider company. I highly recommend them.’’ Diana H

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